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The amazingly wonderful S.U.N. Festival
So many beautiful people, everybody is kind hearted on this festival and everything is peaceful. Fantastic music and harmony. Thanks for one of the greatest experience in my life. ♥

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Because I’ve had a couple of messages asking about this…

The Friends characters kissing each other:

  • Ross/Rachel (multiple times)
  • Ross/Phoebe (TOW the Flashback, TOW All the Resolutions)
  • Ross/Joey (TOW Barry and Mindy’s Wedding)
  • Ross/Monica (TOW the Stripper Cries - they find out they kissed…

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oh god it’s nowhere near the same

oh god it’s nowhere near the same

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R.I.P How I Met Your Mother


oh, not because it ended

but because it was murdered

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What is going on here, guys? SERIOUSLY.